Everyone knows beagles sleep for a good percentage of the day. They need their rest to get into mischief! We’ve tried the following products and can recommend them for helping your happy hound snuggle up.

All the the items on this page have gone through heavy-duty quality testing by beagles. We’re happy to recommend them to other happy hounds! By purchasing via the International Journal of Beagle Facts, we will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.


the snoozer bed

The Snoozer Bed allows beagles to burrow.

We can’t say enough good things about the Snoozer Orthopedic Cozy Cave Pet Bed. It’s like it was designed especially for beagles since it allows them to burrow in and snuggle pup.

We love that the mouth of the cave has some support – it makes it easier for your beagle to get inside and circle thirty times before lying down. The structure doesn’t prevent you from washing the bed, either. If you have a decent size top-loading washing machine, it’ll fit. Available in USA, UK, and Canada.

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  • We recommend this bed if your beagle is 4+ years, or past the bed chewing stage
  • We recommend purchasing the “large” size to give your beagle room to stretch out
  • Put a treat inside at the very back to teach your beagle to burrow into the cave.
  • If your beagle finds it a tight fit at first, remove the orthopedic cushion for 1 month.
  • Reinsert the orthopedic cushion once the other cushion has become a little more compacted.
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