shop for your beagle

Every breed has something unique about them, and beagles are no exception. They’re hard on toys. They benefit from strong leashes. And they need something to cut down on beagle shedding!

We’ve put together a list of toys and tools every household with a hound should consider buying. Each item has been tested by beagles. That means we’ve used it on our own hounds for years and feel confident in recommending it to your dogs as well.



We have compiled a short-list of toys that hold up to hard-playing hounds.

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Bowls and treat-dispensing toys can help your beagle eat slowly.

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Beagles require plenty of exercise to be happy and well-behaved. We’ve put together a list of essential tools for walking the dog.

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Use the FURminator to deal with beagle shedding


Staying on top of beagle hair is no easy task! These tools will help minimize beagle shedding.

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