support beagles in shelters

Right now, there are thousands of abandoned and neglected beagles in shelters across North America. They may have been given up because of behavioural issues, a lack of time or space, a death in the family, or other reason. There are three main ways you can support beagles in shelters:

  • Adopt a beagle from a shelter or rescue
  • Foster beagles waiting to be adopted
  • Donate money, supplies, or time to rescues

ways you can help

1. Adopt a beagle. Instead of buying a beagle puppy, consider adopting a beagle that needs a loving home. Visit our Search In Shelters page and use the PetFinder tool to see whether any beagles are available in your region. You can also adopt via a beagle rescue, too.

2. Foster a beagle. If you’ve owned beagles before, you can apply to be a foster home! Visit our Find A Rescue page to get in touch with your nearest beagle rescue. You will provide a safe, secure home for beagles who are waiting to be adopted. The more foster homes a beagle rescue has in its network, the more beagles can be extricated from shelters.

3. Donate to a rescue. Beagle rescues are always looking to raise money to cover the cost of veterinary bills. You can support beagles by donating regularly to your favourite beagle rescue, or even helping out with their fundraising efforts! Get in touch with your closest beagle rescue to see how you can help with money, goods, or time.