how you can help beagles

There are two main groups of beagles that need help: beagles in shelters, and beagles in laboratories. We’ve put together a list of ways you can help these unfortunate pups! Whatever your time constraints or budget limitations, there’s always a way to help.

  • Volunteering your time at events
  • Volunteering your home to foster dogs
  • Donating money for vet bills
  • Donating supplies like blankets and leashes
  • Buying products that support rescues
  • Sharing posts on social media


support beagles in shelters

Find out specific ways you can support shelter beagles and rescue beagles. We’ve put together some links to help.

Hint… some of our suggestions include adopting and fostering! Wouldn’t you love to help a hound become happy and healthy?

I Want To Help Shelter Beagles


support beagles in laboratories

Every year, thousands of beagles are used in animal testing. Beagle Freedom Project is an organization that ensures these hounds get a happy ending. They negotiate the release of beagles and find good homes for them.

You can support Beagle Freedom Project’s work in many ways, even if you’re not able to provide a home for a laboratory beagle. We have several ideas for you here.

I Want To Help Laboratory Beagles